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Custom Designed Garage Plans

Custom drawn plans, blueprints, and construction drawings for garages, workshops, sheds, houses and more.

We offer custom design service for almost any size project. Just let us know what you need and we will design it for you!

We will work with you to design your plans to your exact specifications down to the smallest detail. The plans will be drawn to show compliance with your local building codes.*

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Pricing For a Custom Garage Plan
Basic plan, 999 square feet or less**$750
Basic plan, 1,000 - 1,499 square feet**$950
Basic plan, 1,500+ square feet**Approximately $0.75/sq. ft
Additional items (add to base price):
Addition to existing house or garageadd $200-$500
Finished living area/ apartment spaceadd $0.75/sq. ft
Dormers for roofadd $200 each
Stairs to access upper leveladd $200
Upper level deck/ balconyadd $100 plus $0.75/sq. ft
CMU/ICF/Concrete wallsadd $200
**A basic plan is a rectangular plan with 2x4 or 2x6 framing, clear-span prefabricated trusses for the roof framing and a ceiling height of 10' or less

Prices shown here are estimates based on typical projects. Please fill out the form to the right for a free quote or email us at

Add 10%-20% to price in California.

See our Frequently asked questions for more information.

What do we do?

We design and draw plans for garages, garage additions, and other residential buildings. We design from scratch to your exact specifications so you can be sure you'll get exactly what you need. We offer flat-fee, up-front pricing for our services and our plans are designed to show compliance with your local building codes.*

We design and draw plans for:

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